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La Verna


Spirituality, art, nature: these are the major characteristics of this place.

Certainly spirituality has been the powerful trace since San Francesco, after the donation of the mount by Conte Orlando in 1213, has lived in this place in a solitary and contemplative way.

One of the famous Chapels, The Stimmate one, at the end of a long corridor, still keeps the rock of the miracle and in another wet cave a rock is venerated as the bed of the Saint.

Art here is a continuous reference to the spirituality which is in the air: from the Tuscan lines of the '400 Basilica to the Robbiane Terracotte of the Annunciazione and the Nativity.

The whole mount with its vegetation is a Sanctuary: it is full of paths for those who want to get in contact with nature in silence, admiring the landscapes, sometimes almost unreal, like the Sasso Spicco, a huge rock which is linked to the mountain just by a corner. However the Convent and the lodge offer the pilgrims a comfortable place to enjoy their staying.

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La Verna Sanctuary

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Giotto, San Francesco riceve le stimmate.JPG (11845 byte) Giotto: San Francesco receives the Stigmate (particular) Assisi, San Francesco, Basilica Superior

Andrea Della Robbia ,Nativity, La Verna, Basilica di San Francesco

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Distance from the Alta Valle del Metauro 63 km. 65 min. by car

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