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Borgo Pace


entirely located in the mountain,  it stands in the confluence of the meta and auro:at the origin of the settlement it was called castrum abbatiae (castel bavia), situated at the top of a hill to defend the abbazia of lamoli; at its turn castel bavia was standing on the remains of a roman villa.
in the valley another settlement took place and it was called burgus pacis, that in the IXcent became part of the massa trabaria and laterin the XVcent part of the urbino ducat. belonging to the ponefix state, borgo pace was declared indipendent just in 1827 by papa leone XII, joining the towns
of parchiule, sompiano and lamoli. during the second world war, here the gothic line crossed the territory and the town was completely destroyed the 28 august 1944.

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the pine square in borgo pace with the belltower as it is after the rebuilding after the war

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The territory and the economic activities:

the population is mainly arranged in the main towns
of parchiule and lamoli. a particular agriculture is practiced adapted to the altitudethat goes from 460m.  to 1100. very popular is the pasture. the forest colture is very developped because it cover the main part of the territory. going up towards parchiule and lamoli you will easily meet the
fashinating coal cellars.

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a coal cellar in preparation, it's fashinating to floow the charcoal burner in his work covering the cones of wood that will be burned later on.

The monuments and the interesting halments:

although the mountain location and the damages due to the war, the town offers many interesting churches spread all over the little towns. very important is the abbazia benedettina in lamoli
from the XIcent. and s. maria nuova, the carmine oratory(sompiano), castel dei fabbri, san bartolomeo church, mucci palace san floriano church, romanic church of san leone(figiano), colubraia oratory(figiano) and s. maria church (parchiule).





the abbazia benedettina in lamoli(dated before the XIcent.). the plant is basilic with nave and two aisles.

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Art works:

in all the churches spread in the territory,  there are many paintings dated from the XIVcent. usually coming from local schools:

  • borgo pace, s.maria nuova church.virgin with the baby and angels(XVcent), madonna with the baby, majolic statue of castel durante(XVIcent);
  • fresco showing the madonna on the throne nurcing the baby and saints(XVcent.);
  • castel dei fabbri, san bartolomeo church:crucifixion, fresco from mercatellese school (XIVcent);
  • parchiule, s.maria church:rosary mary with saints by G.F.Guerrieri (1636).
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unknown metaurense,madonna wirh baby (end XVcent) borgo pace. s, maria nuova church, in the chapel of santa maria della spogna.

  • market under the tree(dicember)
  • procession to the church of spogna(easter)
  • crescia day , first sunday of june(sompiano)
  • festa di maria assunta, 15 august, panzanella day(lamoli);
  • basil day first sunday of september(parchiule)
  • charcoal burner festival:II sunday of october



in the field of lamoli every year the panzanella day takes place and attracts thousands of people..

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Turistic accomodation









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Hotels: Bed and breakfast
La Diligenza
La Rupe
Oasi di San Benedetto
farmhouses: Ceccarelli
Restaurants: La Diligenza da Rodolfo
La Rupe
Oasi di San Benedetto
Pizzeria Litti Giuliano


Litti Giuliano, truffles bisnis



Associazione Pro - Loco Borgo Pace
Associazione Pro - Loco Lamoli Tel. 89640
C.E.A. (centro educazione ambientale) Lamoli


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