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With its Roman origin (the ancient castrum pilei), Peglio, is a little town that overlooks the valley from the edge of a mountain and is situated between Sant'Angelo and Urbania. From the town, an ancient squared tower stands out and still has a Gothic bell with inscription in it.

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Peglio centre at the top of a hill overlooking the Metauro valley

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The territory and cultural activities

The little town stands on the hills that overlook the left side of the valley. here a modern agriculture is practised; in the plain valley many industries for the transformation of agricultural products have grown and others linked to the production of jeans. Thanks to the panoramic location, though a small village, Peglio has several touristic accomodations.

Monuments and art works
  • An ancient bell tower with Gothic inscriptions;
  • crypts in Longobard style in the Baroc church;
  • via crucis in ceramic of the XVIII cent.
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a panel of the Via Crucis in durantina ceramic (first half XVIII cent.) Parish church.

Touristic accomodations:

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Hotel and Restaurant Balcone del Metauro --------------------------------------------

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