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Sant'Angelo in Vado


The ancient name of Tiphernom Metaurense is in correspondence with Tiphernum Tiberum (today Citta' di Castello) in the Tiber valley. Sant' Angelo was already a town hall in Roman times of which we still have remains. During the war between Ostrogots and Bizantini(VI cent.)its territory was completely destroyed and the town was rebuilt and dedicated to the Archangel Michele, along the river Metauro (whence "in vado")
Since IX cent it belonged to the Massa Trabaria province. Since half XIV cent. it belonged to the Brancaleoni family, then it was annexed to the Urbino Ducat (1437).
Since then its history has followed the several lordships that went on and then in 1636, it became part of the Pontificio State.

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the bell tower of Palazzo della Ragione. The building is of XIV cen.and it has been town hall residence till 1838








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The territory and the economical activities

In the Sant'Angelo in Vado territory the valley has started to grow, the main part is made of the valley surrounded by the Appennines: you can practice several agricultural activities, tobacco plantation included.
The town has a florid economic activity because of the industry. Here, together with the clothing industry that work for the most important national trademarks, there are also typography industries and building material ones

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Sant'Angelo landscape, the Metauro valley enlarges into the alluvial plain surrounded by the Appennines.

The monuments

To the town centre which has maintained the medieval structure, new branches have been added without violating the ancient architecture. Walking in the centre you meet elegant churches and palaces , we mention: la Basilica Cattedrale that was transformed in XVI and XVII cen., the San Filippo church of octagonal plant XVI cent. , San Bernardino church XVI cent. San Francesco church XIV cent. with interiors of the XVII cent. the church and convent of Santa Maria Degli Angeli XVI cent. Santa Chiara church, restored in XVIII and Santa Caterina which has a great Renaissance main door. Among the palaces we have to remember : il Palazzo della Ragione, the town hall building till 1838, Palazzo Fagnani XVII cent., town hall since 1838, Palazzo Grifoni XV cent., Zuccari theatre XVII cent. transformed in the '30s and recently restored. Just outside the centre the Gavina and Palazzetto, countryside houses from the 500 by Genga.






panoramic of San Francesco church XIV cent.

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Art works

Le The many churches and palaces contain many works of art, we mention some of them:

Santa Maria extra muros:

  • Vergine Assunta in cielo con angeli XV cent. bronze relief by Lorenzo Ghiberti
  • Sacra Conversazione by Raffaellino del Colle(1543)
  • NativitÓ del Battista (second half XVI) by Santi di Tito

Immacolata oratory

  • Vergine Annunciata by Lorenzo Ghiberti
  • Madonna degli Angeli by Taddeo Zuccari


  • Adorazione dei Magi by Claudio Ridolfi
  • Battesimo di Cristo, by Claudio Ridolfi

Fagnani Palace:

  • Sacra Conversazion   ,Federico Zuccari
NativitÓ del Battista.JPG (21434 byte)  





Santi di Tito NativitÓ del Battista XVI cent. -particular- Santa Maria Dei Servi church







Federico Zuccari Sacra Conversazione -particular- Fagnani palace

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  • National exhibition of the truffle last three Sundays of October;
  • motorbike rally during the truffle exhibition;
  • Traslation of the Madonna di Loreto 9-10 December;
  • Children Carnival;
  • Dead Christ procession Easter Friday;
  • Patron Saint day (san Michele 29 September);
  • "this evening I will try too", show for amateurs.
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"its majesty the white truffle"is harvested in all the alto Metauro in Sant'Angelo there is the national exhibition


the motorbikes rally organized by the motoclub Benelli, is a traditional festival that attracts thousands amateurs.

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Touristic accomodations








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Hotels Da Lucia
Farmhouses I palazzi
Restaurants Barbara
Da Franco
Da Lucia
La vecchia fattoria



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